Redefining Energy Storage

Who We Are

IE Group was formed by a group of mechanical, electrical and software engineers who have an array of experience in areas which IEG is planning its ventures, including an innovative liquid air energy storage solution.

Experience In Engineering

With a team of people with a breadth of expertise in mechanical, electrical and software engineering, all aspects of projects from design to installation are carried out to the highest standards.

Innovative Energy Storage Solution

We are developing a sustainable grid-scale energy storage solution, utilising liquid air compression, storage and expansion. Offsetting the naturally intermittent nature of renewable energy generation, this technology paves the way towards a sustainable future.

Liquid Air Energy Storage (LAES) Cycle

The innovative and sustainable liquid air energy storage solution allows excess off-peak grid energy to be stored for peak time redistribution, providing continuous, uninterrupted energy delivery. The system takes excess energy from the grid to cool and compress air from the atmosphere to produce liquid air. This is then stored under pressure until peak times where additional energy needs to be provided to the grid. At this time the liquid air is heated and allowed to return to its gaseous form, the expansion from liquid to gas phases increases the volume by several orders of magnitude. This expansion is used to drive turbines to regenerate the

In-home Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Working in partnership with a leading Scottish housing developer, IE Group are integrating hydrogen fuel cells into homes. IE Group is working with a leading Scottish housing developer to integrate hydrogen fuel cells into homes to generate electricity. This project will determine the feasibility of such a system while providing a clean source of renewable power to each home. A new housing estate will be built to include infrastructure for hydrogen fuel delivery between houses, including a central storage facility.

Future Plans and Objectives

IE Group consists of sustainability, storage, energy and renewables subdivisions. The possibilities for projects related to current objectives are far reaching and present a variety of exciting new areas.